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Even more amazing was the quality of recordings made by major symphony
orchestras in the '30 in setups of one mike hung in front of 60 musicans.
IT speaks well of three things: the quality of many concert halls
accoustic-wise; the value of well-rehearsed orchestras composed of major
talent; and the dynamics that took care of themselves because of the keen
attention to what was being played and how by the wisdom and taste of
I have some old 78's that I played to death over the years of Beecham with
the London, NY Symphony under A.T, and others.
   Today's rock-oriented sound men have trouble sometimes understanding the
dynamics that the band is capable of making without their help, and feel
compelled to play with the knobs or levers, and in the process taking all
the natural dynamics out of the music. We once told a sound man to get the
hell off the board after he dialed us too loud and removed all the dynamics.
When he objected we told him there were six of us and one of him so get the
hell off.
The audience, overhearing the rhubarb, cheered.
Don Ingle

They stand up remarkable well.
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>         I've been following this thread on the acoustical qualities of the
> venues of certain recordings, and finally have decided to air my thoughts
> the sounds captured by Bill Russell of the Bunk Johnson Band in San
> Hall in N.O. on those hot July and August days in 1944.  The band was
> recorded on acetate discs with a single mike setup, and I have been amazed
> over all these years at the haunting echo effect caught on them by
> They also have excellent fidelity, especially considering the primitive
> recording equipment then available.
>         Russell's disc recorder was on display at the Palm Court in N.O.
> some years ago - It still may be there.  I was transfixed staring in awe
> this old machine, thinking of its contribution to recorded jazz.  I recall
> that San Jacinto Hall at 1422 Dumaine Street had been razed!
> Geo. Thurmond
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