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Thu Sep 25 12:58:13 PDT 2003

Hi Listees---For what it's worth  as  recalled  by a faulty memory  after  a  
lapse  of
many  years,  the  late  Milt  Gabler  told  me  an  interesting  story  
about  the days
when he was  recording  and  producing all  that  great jazz  on  his  
Commodore label.
             Working  on a  tight budget.  he  had ro  shop  around  for  the 
 cheapest  places  he  could  find,  and  in  the process  settled   on  the  
old  Liederkrantz  Hall, which  had  been closed  for  many  years and  was  
covered  in dust  and  festooned  with  cobwebs.   Without  bothering  to 
clean  it up,  Milt  recorded  a  few
sessons.  The  results  were  so  impressive  that  the  executives  at  CBS, 
 about  to  revive  the  old  Columbia  label,  decided  to  renovate the  
Hall  and  make  it  a major studio.   And  yes,  you've  guessed  it,  they 
ruined  the  acoustics.

Warren  Vache'  Sr.

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