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Some of us drummers even have a few K Zildjian cymbals in our bag as well.

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> Let us hope that George Avakian will finish his book.  He is the guy
> responsible for so many great recordings, especially the Eddie Condon and
> the mid 1950s Louis Armstrong gems for Columbia.
> I asked George once why Louis Armstrong's Columbia recording's sounded
> better than his Decca recordings ( mid 1950s).  George replied that
> "Columbia hired the best recording engineers in New York."  To me, Louis's
> Decca recordings usually sounded shrill.
Hi Jim and all:

Another Armenian in the American Recording Industry, these folks seemed to
have a real feel for American Music.

So do the Turks, Ahmet Ertegan and his Brother founded Atlantic Records
was responsible for all the Greatest Rhythm & Blues & Soul Recordings, and
they hired the best producers in the game at the time, like my old idol
Wexler, who turned out Aretha Franklin hits and many others for them.

Let us also not forget that almost all drummers play Avedis Zildjen Cymbals
made by an Armenian from Istanbul, Turkey.


Tom Wiggins
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