[Dixielandjazz] Thread: George Wein's Autobiography--"Myself Among Others"

Jim Beebe jbeebe at centurytel.net
Wed Sep 24 17:55:10 PDT 2003

Reviews are fine but better yet,  just get the book and read it.  I got it
from the library.  It is an interesting read.

Let us hope that George Avakian will finish his book.  He is the guy
responsible for so many great recordings, especially the Eddie Condon and
the mid 1950s Louis Armstrong gems for Columbia.

I asked George once  why Louis Armstrong's Columbia recording's sounded
better than his Decca recordings ( mid 1950s).  George replied that
"Columbia hired the best recording engineers in New York."  To me, Louis's
Decca recordings usually sounded shrill.

Jim Beebe

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Subject: [Dixielandjazz] Thread: George Wein's Autobiography--"Myself Among

> Kurt Bowermaster asks about George Wein's book.  There have been a number
> excellent reviews in the national press. I have a review currently in
> for American Rag.  If there is interest, I'd be glad to post mine on the
> list or send off-list to those requesting.
> Thanks.
> Norman Vickers
> Pensacola

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