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Great George Wein story Steve.

Anyone who has tried to make a living (at least in part) promoting live jazz
will appreciate what he wrote on page 127 of his book...

"Despite my status as the foremost jazz promoter in Boston, and the producer
of the Newport Jazz Festival, there were still members of my extended family
who routinely asked my parents: "When is Georgie going to get a real job?""


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> Kurt at <bowermastergroup at qwest.net> wrote
> Is George Wein a member of this list?  It'd be great to hear about him on
> this subject and others.  I'm currently reading his fabulous book "Myself
> Among Others".  At one time or another he either hired, played with or
> recorded just about every prominent name in jazz.
> Perhaps Steve Barbone knows him since there is a Boston connection.

I met George Wein about 50 years ago, talked with him for about 10 minutes,
but that's all. Haven't seen or spoken to him since.
I do not think he is a member of the DJML. He has had, and still has, a very
successful career as a sometimes jazz player, a
peerless presenter of jazz and as a producer of MAJOR jazz festivals. As
Kurt points out, his book is fabulous.

My favorite Wein story is when Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk were
performing together (at Wein's Newport Jazz Festival, I
think) a half century or so ago. Miles was complaining and said to Wein. in
that gravely voice of his; "Tell Monk he is playing
the wrong changes on Round Midnight." Wein replied; "Tell him yourself,
Miles, he wrote it."

Steve Barbone

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