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Brian Wood wrote:

> I doubt the stairwell story.

<polite snip>

I do too, but have heard/read this same story over the years.

In a similar vain, I once had to edit an interview one of my presenter's,
Bob, had recorded at the Theatre Royal in Bury St. Edmunds. I cannot now
recall exactly what it was but Bob had made a goof and needed to re-record
this small piece again for it to be dropped in. Snag was, with transmission
time fast approaching there was no chance of his getting back to the
theatre to record this piece in the same acoustic as the original interview
and the radio station's studio was too 'dry'.

Necessity being the mother of invention - or whatever the expression is - I
shoved Bob into the ladies loo with the mike while I stood outside with the
Uher and on guard so as to avoid the female station staff the embarrassment
of discovering this hunk of a man talking to himself in their private

Worked a treat - the loo acoustic matched that of the theatre perfectly. We
did try the men's loo first but the acoustic was wrong nor could we switch
off the extractor fan.
        Suffolk, England.
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> I doubt the stairwell story.
> I was once a BBC recording engineer and we had
> an echo chamber consisting of a bare-walled underground chamber with a
> at one end and a microphone at the other. It worked splendidly except
> extraneous noise - the rumble of passing traffic some distance away; even
> occasional tube train - often made it unuseable. A stairwell would, I
suggest, be
> virtually useless, although I have no doubt the half-wits at Columbia
> echo.
> Brian Wood

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