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Jim Marsh jimbanjo at telus.net
Tue Sep 23 13:53:58 PDT 2003

Ernie Landes asked:

>growing up in Milneburg.  Which brings up a question that our band 
>argues about all the time.  What is the correct pronunciation of 
>"Milneburg"?  Is it:
>1.  MILE-EN-burg
>2.  MILL-EN-burg
>3.  MILL-NE-burg
>4.  MILL-'N-burg

	In reference to the tune (not the town),  I have heard mostly #1 and
#3 used with an occasional #4, but who is to say which is correct?  I suspect
that any sheet music will use the spelling Milenberg rather than Milneburg
which to me would suggest #1.   Whether this spelling indicates ignorance on
the part of the composers or publisher's error or perhaps legal considerations
vis-à-vis using the name exactly as spelled I know not.  My copy uses that
spelling, and shows credits to Walter Melrose, Leon Roppolo, Paul Mares and
Jelly Roll Morton,  possibly none of whom were that well educated.

	A brief history of Milneburg states:
The city of Milneburg, developed by Alexander Milne during the 1830's, near 
Elysian Fields and the lake created new interest in the lake shore area. 
Beginning in 1832 the Pontchartrain Railway (Smoky Mary) brought the city
to the lake to enjoy the camps and resorts.

	Now here's the hooker . . .  in my native UK I would call him
Alexander Miln . . as in "film".  Having said that, I just realised that a lot
of people say "fillum".  Here in Canada it is quite common to pronounce the
name Millen.  So I suppose the correct pronunciation would be whatever
Alexander was called in 1830.

	All of which has absolutely nothing at all to do with Milenberg Joys
does it?? :~}


Jim Marsh

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