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> Bill Gunter wrote:
> > >kludge (klooge in Alabama).
> >
> >>
> I recall from distant boyhood the long and convoluted story of a venerable
> citizen who manufactured - and  here I'm stuck for the name but it wasn't
> kludge - and for present purposes I'll call ' em 'swooshes'.  >
>  >
> Hi Will,

I remember it as a `Kludgemaker` in 1947.
The guy took several months to construct this machine in the bowels of the
ship. He eventually emerged and had the machine dropped over the side, where
it went `Kludge` (or swoosh)

I guess you had to be there.

It was another one of those hilarious jokes like waking a guy up at 3 in the
morning and saying in your best conspiratorial fashion "Do you want to buy a

Musical content `Memories, memories, tales of long ago`


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