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> Sol Yaged lives!

Could never tell by searching this website:

Any Band or musician that is of the caliber required to hold down a steady 
gig in an upscale establishment for six nights a week certainly deserves to be 
on the establishments website.

Sol should insist upon having a photo of the himself (if not the band) on the 
site, and get some long range publicity out of the gig.  You can bet if Duke 
Ellington had been playing there he would have had it, as well as many of the 
other old timers who knew the importance of promotion and publicity to 
maintain and extend your professional career as a musician and entertainer.

This web site does not even mention the normal "Live Music."

It does not take long to scan a photo and write a line or two about the band, 
it could actually attract some customers to stay at the hotel.

If musicians do not push themselves and attempt to stay out in the limelight 
then they have no reason to bitch about fading into obscurity and being 
unemployed when the manager decides to change the band or do away with it 
altogether.  When this happens as it always does, the band or musician is now back out 
on the streets starting all over again looking for work.

If he had had promotion and publicity, and was indeed good, there would have 
been other offers made to him long before he was terminated by the present 
establishment, and he could have just moved on uptown to another location.

Personally if I were traveling to New York, looking for a hotel I would not 
be looking for this one just because of it's amenities, Heck almost every hotel 
has the same amenities except a good band.  Many people would rather stay a t 
hotel with a jumping lounge full of happy dancing people enjoying themselves 
than pay for a sauna and a pool and exercise room that they almost never have 
time to use anyway.

Pretty sad state of affairs when a Hotel offers exercise rooms and saunas and 
indoor pools rather than entertainment don't you think?

If you don't ask and insist upon publicity and promotion for your act then 
you will almost always be treated with the same dignity and respect as the 
chamber maids and janitor.

Musical content:

THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE, let it shine let it shine!


Tom Wiggins
Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band
<A HREF="www.ambassadorsofamericanculture.com">www.ambassadorsofamericanculture.com</A>

We played a Festival this weekend, had a feature article & Large photo in the 
Newspapers, and were the Only group shown on Television reviewing the 
entertainment on Two News Channels in the evening.  The phone is still ringing with 
gig offers.

We were the only OKOM group in the event, and again stole the show with only 
1/2 a band due to unforeseen medical atrocities that plagued us all week 
leading up to the gig.

Never under estimate the power of publicity folks.  There were about 80,000 
people at this event ten minutes from my home.  Prior to this gig, nobody in 
this city even knew this band was here, because we had never promoted it here.  
Not a bad response for the first time out of the box.  Everybody in town now 
wants to hire the band.

P.S.  We did the gig Free to raise money for a Jazz For Kids program and get 
the publicity, we certainly got the publicity and the bookings coming in more 
than compensate us for a few hours of donated tax deductible time plaing music 
to people who are starved for it and can't find it.

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