[Dixielandjazz] Record Collection Value

Kurt bowermastergroup at qwest.net
Thu Sep 18 13:08:38 PDT 2003

Any advice is appreciated...

An elderly woman here in Des Moines, Iowa is cleaning out her attic to get
ready for a move to a nursing home soon.  She and her husband were great
jazz fans and over the years collected hundreds of dixieland and other
records.  She even has a box marked "Bix", but hasn't opened it yet to see
what is inside. 

She wants to know how she can put a value on the records and eventually sell
them.  Any advice I can pass along to her is appreciated.  I figured
somebody on the DJML would know how to proceed with this or may even be
interested in her records for themselves.  There could be some real
treasures there.


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