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Maybe the lyric to Messin Around which Audrey kindly supplied might also
explain one of Pine Top Smith's spoken instructions in Pine Top's Boogie
Woogie - "This time when I stop, I want everybody to mess around" (or
something similar). The Mess Around must have been a dance of some kind.

John Farrell

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> Pulled out the sheet I have by this title, and it's the one Ron knew of,
that refers to dancing. It is by Charles L Cooke with lyrics by John St.
Cyr, published in 1926. The chorus refers to that dance called Messin
Around, a dance that's new in the town, it runs the Charleston way out of
gas, don't even have to step and still it's full of pep, keep your doggies
still, mess around till morning, my grandma thinks it's nice, and Grandpa's
done it twice, it's the easiest dance I've found, let's go right now, sure
is a wow, messin around, messin around, dance they call messin around.
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