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Harold -

Without doubt you are one of us !! Welcome aboard - anyone who digs Fats and
Tatum is more than welcome to occupy my screen.

John Farrell

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> Now, please, dnon't everyone laugh at once, but-----
> I was listening to an old Guy Lombardo recording recently, and it
> suddenly hit me that Carmen Lombardo's vocal sound very much emulated
> Bix's cornettone.  Besides, the  early Lombardo band was indeed a hot
> jazz band, and Louis thought so, too.  Anyhone concur, or have I exposed
> my naive ignorance again?
> I read the Stephen Barbone submittal of the Darwlinism vis-a-vis  Jazz.
> All I know is that when I hear Fats play Harlem stride, when I hear Roy
> Eldridge, Art Tatum, Teddy Wilson, and countless other musical geniuses,
> a huge smile lights me up from head to toe.  And I ain't jumpin' from
> vine to vine, either.
> I get immense Jollys hearing the Uptown Lowdown band for several
> reasons:
>      1:  It transports me to a historical epoch, when hot jazz was in
> vogue, and people were moved by it.
>       2:  I absolutely love John Goodrich and  Paul Woltz and the
> virtuosity they display on their respective instruments. They are two of
> the best reed men in the business.  Man--and those bass sax duets!!!!
>        3:  I admire the Barrs, and their dedication to the cause of
> keeping this type of music alive.
> Now that I've gotten all of this off my chest, it's back to the couch
> algain,
> Regards, Harold Smith
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