[Dixielandjazz] miscellaneous comments and observations

Harold Smith s3856lpa at webtv.net
Tue Sep 16 12:58:41 PDT 2003

Now, please, dnon't everyone laugh at once, but-----

I was listening to an old Guy Lombardo recording recently, and it
suddenly hit me that Carmen Lombardo's vocal sound very much emulated
Bix's cornettone.  Besides, the  early Lombardo band was indeed a hot
jazz band, and Louis thought so, too.  Anyhone concur, or have I exposed
my naive ignorance again?

I read the Stephen Barbone submittal of the Darwlinism vis-a-vis  Jazz.
All I know is that when I hear Fats play Harlem stride, when I hear Roy
Eldridge, Art Tatum, Teddy Wilson, and countless other musical geniuses,
a huge smile lights me up from head to toe.  And I ain't jumpin' from
vine to vine, either.

I get immense Jollys hearing the Uptown Lowdown band for several
     1:  It transports me to a historical epoch, when hot jazz was in
vogue, and people were moved by it.

      2:  I absolutely love John Goodrich and  Paul Woltz and the
virtuosity they display on their respective instruments. They are two of
the best reed men in the business.  Man--and those bass sax duets!!!!

       3:  I admire the Barrs, and their dedication to the cause of
keeping this type of music alive.

Now that I've gotten all of this off my chest, it's back to the couch

Regards, Harold Smith

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