[Dixielandjazz] METHODS of PIANO TUNING

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The problem with the piano could be any number of things.

It could be that your tuner is not good.  I would find out who the
professional pianists/studios/concert halls, use & use that one.  There are
a lot of amateur tuners out there who are not good.

Then, there could be trouble with any number of things inside the piano.
I'd have to hear it to tell you what is wrong.  However, if you are not
happy with the tuning job, do not use him again.  Get a qualified
professional.  And, before he starts, point out the problems to him.


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> In response to my question ..."do you  prefer a manual "ear"
> tuning or the use of an electronic device for "perfect"
> accuracy? Or a combination of the two? And why?"
> Andy wrote: "I'm not sure about modern electronic tuners, but my Dad had a
> go with one 20+ years ago. The piano was tuned perfectly so all the little
> lights flashed correctly. Then came
> the moment to play it - it sounded awful.
> The problem is that the intervals are not perfect"
> Thank you, Andy.  I transported a piano from Pennsylvania to California
> year and have had it manually / aurally tuned twice now. I can still hear
> inaccuracies, especially in the lower and upper registers, but two
> particular keys in the mid registers.
> I had the same tuner do it both times, with the assumption that he knew
> instrument from the first tuning.  I am going to ask him if a third tuning
> would be beneficial, or would an electronic tuning be helpful.  OR does it
> need servicing beyond tuning.
> But I wanted some input from those who have professional experience in
> playing and listening to their pianos all the time.
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> Jane Lynch
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