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Mon Sep 15 15:17:25 PDT 2003

I'm not sure as to the relevance to the DJML but as far as Saving Private 
Ryan is concerned I know of several British veterans of D-Day who saw the movie 
several times, admitted to weeping copiously because what they saw mirrored 
exactly their own experiences, and their thoughts far from being simply maudlin 
were solely for the poor buggers far from home who never got off the beaches. 
The was no question of Brits versus Yanks; indeed I got the strong impression 
that they felt a modicum of sympathy for the German soldiers who fell on the 
battlefield. They too had mothers. One of the Brits I think of was Bill Colyer, 
brother of the more famous Ken Colyer, who hopes to be fit enough to attend 
the 60th anniversary next year. By the way, I was just a youngster who found GIs 
unfailingly generous and courteous.
Brian Wood

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