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Dear Anton:
"I don't get no respect."
The "ize" or "ise" debate is now being credited to Pat and Bill H. But who
started it off with the original point of the difference? And also made the
first comments referring to the Norman Conquest root to the influx of French
into English spelling...also noted the valour, honour, etc. spelling
differences? Little old me. But "I don't get no respect" -- as a wise stand
up comic once made into a catch phrase.
It's funny how the message goes on ad infinitum leaving the messenger in the
dust of time.(:>) Sic semper memorandus.
Don (You remember him...?) Ingle

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> Hello PatL and BillH
> Many an argument about American/English spellings and words ends with the
> Anglophiliacs reeling back in surprised horror. Yes, -ize is the old
> English (and American) and -ise is the new-fangled French.
> Just think of it - that bastard William thumped the Anglo-Saxons in 1066
> and we still haven't returned to English spellings and words. Who would
> beef in autumn when we can enjoy ox in fall?
> Salve!
> Antonius Crux
> PS, Bill: There is now a 3rd edition of Fowler (1996), with the same
> comments about -ize and -ise.
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