[Dixielandjazz] Couesnon Valve Trombone

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Fri Sep 12 23:23:20 PDT 2003

> Several months ago I posted an inquiry about Couesnon Valve trombones
> and haven't received many replies.  I wonder if some new listmates
> might have any information on them ? I purchased this horn in the
> sixties and can't seem to find much information on them.  The serial
> number is in the 50000 range.  Does anyone know of a serial number
> list for these horns or any other sites that might have any
> information on them ?  I tried Google but can't come up with much. TIA
> Bill Crist
I tied google with only the word "Couesnon" and came up with this:


There it is reported that a fire in 1969 "resulted in loss of all the 
company records, including those which would make it possible to 
determine the year of manufacture from the serial number."

Another site found:


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