[Dixielandjazz] Re: Sorta Dixie (was Two Band Stereo)

Richard Broadie richard.broadie at gte.net
Fri Sep 12 16:31:28 PDT 2003

Just dug out my CD version of this Billy May classic for the first time in a
while.  Funny.  Doesn't sound like my LP version.  Where's the ticks, pops
and misc. noises that I'm so accustomed to?

Hope this isn't too boring.  In December 1990, Charlie Barnet invited me to
his New Year's Ever party here in Palm Springs, where Billy May was going to
attend.  Of course, I had a gig booked that I coudn't escape.  Charlie
promised we'd do it again the following year.  Unfortunately, Charlie never
made it past Sept. 4th, 1991 (the same day my Dad died)  And I never got to
meet Billy.   I understand he has a wonderful sense of humor!   Has anyone
out there heard his vocal on Barnet's "Wrong Idea" where he's doing a Sammy
Kaye spoof with the famous lyric "swing and sweat with Charlie Barnet?"
Wonderful stuff here!

 Dick B
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> Mention of Billy May's 'Sorta Dixie' Capitol album made me go get out my
pre-loved copy for a long overdue replay.
> But like yours, it turned out to be 'somewhere (but where?)'.
> Just wasted half an hour looking for it!
> You rat.
> It was (as I suspected) misfiled, close to, but not under M!
> Very kind regards,
> Yer mate Bill.
> PS: It was well worth finding though.
> Interesting stuff with great Cathcart, Schnieder, Matlock and Miller as
the Dixie Front Line.
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