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> Taxes are inevitable, so why worry about them?
> Tom explained that his use of the word culture should have been taken to
> mean musical culture. That was not made very clear in his original posting,
> I am grateful to him for the clarification.

Thanks John:

  I would not intentionally insult anyone's culture or ideas of culture, 
sorry for the unclear meaning in my post, I unfortunately assumed that all 
listmates understood that I represent an organization which attempts to preserve and 
promote Traditional American music as a cultural presentation Internationally.

Hence the name :

<A HREF="http://www.AmbassadorsofAmericanCulture.com">http://www.AmbassadorsofAmericanCulture.com</A>

Now again I see you mis- read my post about the Scotch, even if I did call it 
Whiskey again inadvertently since I am not a Scotch drinker but rather prefer 
the taste of fine Spanish Brandies most notably ( 1866)  and Very Old 
American Bourbon.  I have more of a sweet tooth, so most of the fine Scotch 
unfortunately taste like  Listereen mouthwash to me. 

I said that I could buy the bottle at home and pay the Tax on it for $10.00 
less than they were attempting to sell it to me for in London Duty Free.

Either that or my computer keyboard fingers are simply running amok today. :)


Tom Wiggins

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