[Dixielandjazz] new season

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Fri Sep 12 23:39:42 PDT 2003

After having taken the month of August off, as a self-imposed holiday,
the Canal Street Jazz Band is starting a new season.....tonight!
Actually, we should have started our regular Tues nite gig last Tues,
but there was an unforeseen cancellation, so we begin our new season
tonight & tomorrow night with 3 forty five minute sets starting at
midnite tonight in a local jazz club.  No "work in little by little" gig
for us.  Nope, straight into the fire.  Hoping the chops will hold up,
even though I've been practicing at home daily.  

We play tonight & Sat, have Sun/Mon off, then play the next 6 nites in a
row!  It'll be blood on the teeth next week, boys!  Not to mention a bit
of "lost voice" syndrome after not having sung a single song since July!

Still, we're all happy to be getting back into the saddle.......


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