[Dixielandjazz] CD question

David Livingston snargi01 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 12 10:28:01 PDT 2003

One thing to remember about CD-Rs. Just because you
CAN burn a audio disc at 40x doesn't mean you should.
Some audio CD players won't read a disc burned at a
high rate. If you are having problems with your home
deck (or a friend's) playing a burned CD try lowering
the record speed on your burning software to 16x or
12x. That might help also.

Dave Livingston

--- John Farrell <stridepiano at tesco.net> wrote:
> Yesterday a Swiss friend sent me two jazz piano CDRs
> which he had burned for
> me, both were the same brand. One plays fine on my
> hifi, the other doesn't -
> yet it plays perfectly on my PC. I solved the
> problem by burning a new copy
> of the refusenik - my copy plays normally on the
> hifi.
> This is weird stuff.

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