[Dixielandjazz] Spam Filters

Don Robertson jdrobertson at att.net
Thu Sep 11 10:15:35 PDT 2003

My ISP, AT&T Worldnet, has it's own spam filter that seems to work quite 
well.  You have the options of:  1) not using it.  2) having the 
screened messages put in a separate directory for your perusal 3) having 
the screened messages deleted.  Also there is a button on the Worldnet 
home page that takes you directly to your mailbox on their server so you 
can see what you have before downloading them to your own machine.  Here 
you can delete those that you don't want before they even get into your 
hard drive.  Now they have a new wrinkle where you can mark any 
suspected spam that gets through (about 10%) and "report it as spam" 
which deletes it and adds the sender or message to their filter 
criteria.  I periodically have temporarily put the screened  messages in 
the separate folder and have never found one that I would have wanted to 
see.  Ordinarily I just have the screened messages deleted. 

I would think some of the other bigger competing ISP's (Earthlink, etc.) 
offer a similar system.  I don't know about AOL,  It appears to me that 
they are off in their own world.  Worldnet costs me $17/mo (US$) for dial-up

Don Robertson
Napa, CA  -- lurker

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