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> Pat, is this dictonary just not "up to speed" in the spelling of
> realise/realize?

Oh Rebecca, (and any others concerned)
I am covered in contumely. I have checked my Oxford Dictionary, admittedly 
only the illustrated edition, and to my horror it gives `recogniZe`.I 
immediately looked it up in my Longmans Dictionary of Contemporary English. I was 
similarly taken aback to find it also lists `recogniZe.`

What has been going on when I just looked away for a second?  I know you 
damnyankees are taking over the world but sneaking around altering dictionaries is 
a bit much.

Hells Bells! Wendy has just come in and has severely bitten the hand which 
feeds her. She spells recogniZe with a `Zed`( Even in extremis I refuse to call 
it a `zee`) although she did hesitate for  a long moment before deciding.

Therefore, in the true spirit of British fairness for which our island race 
is famous I reluctantly admit that you are right. Nevertheless, reflecting the 
grit and Churchillian courage of this sceptred isle, set in a silver sea, and 
the deep convictions which have shaped its true greatness and kept it centre 
stage in the fight for freedom for century after century, I shall continue to 
spell recognise in the proper manner, with an `S`.


PatL (Bloody bit unbowed)

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