[Dixielandjazz] Spam

Andy.Ling at Quantel.Com Andy.Ling at Quantel.Com
Thu Sep 11 10:57:30 PDT 2003

Jim Kash laments :-

> I get about 50 messages a day of spam.  Drag!  Someone out there thinks
> I need gobs of Viagra, want a larger penis, and need on-line money/work.
> Don't know how to stop all that nonsense.  Some of it gets blocked, but
> a lot gets through.  I've got the finest of the finest filters, etc, set
> up for me by my very clever sons, but to no avail.

Jim and others who are plagued by spam. There are a number of spam
filters that use a device called a Bayesian filter. This seems to
be very good at spotting spam.

A good free implementation of this can be found at :-


The typical results obtained with this are 98% spam filtered
100% non-spam (sometimes called ham) passed

Have fun

Andy Ling

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