[Dixielandjazz] Murdered Nigerians with cash and Russians with heaving b...

TCASHWIGG at aol.com TCASHWIGG at aol.com
Thu Sep 11 01:35:12 PDT 2003

All right you guys,

It is your American and Canadian and British duty to accept this easy money, 
after all these nice folks who have recently been deprived of their favorite 
loved ones are being so nice to us to return a great deal of our collective tax 
dollars that have been pissed away helping their poor politician relatives.

Hell I sent them three overdrawn accounts last week,  :)   who knows maybe 
I'll get lucky and they will send the money :)

They always want some good faith payment for legal documents and fees, so 
send em a check on a bad account and see how quickly they evaporate.

My newest technique is to advise them to send my portion in good faith to Mr. 
Cash who is very discreet and asks for no identification to cash the checks, 
for them and I will meet them three blocks down the alley dressed like a 
homeless person with several brown Grocery Store shopping bags full of their cash 
to collect.

I also forward all the viagra emails and enlarge your penis e-mails and re 
finance your mortgage and insurance sales adds to their addresses to give them 
new leads.

No, I did not give them any DJML addresses, so I am not the cause of all you 
lucky folks getting their generosity.

But I would like to see the first check one of you get from them.

Five or six years ago I used to get letters from them in the mail with lots 
of pretty stamps for my granddaughter's collection, then they got Fax machines, 
and now the wonderful Internet.

Ain't all this technology wonderful, Thanks Al Gore for inventing the 

Tom Wiggins

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