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> What really makes me mad is that they do not recognise the basic fact that 
> one Englishman is worth three of any other country, and six in the case of 
> the 
> French

Dear Pat & John:

I would hereby like to Diplomatically inform you that as of 11:20 this a.m. I 
have learned the truth about Englishmen which you so quickly pointed out in 
the above statement.  

Therefore I have completed a sales transaction with a couple of Sheiks in 
Dubai and Abu Daubi in which they realized how much more Englishmen and England 
are worth.  

 I was trying to sell them Texas, and the deal was almost closed when I got 
your post which I quickly forwarded to them. 

 They immediately switched their offer to buy Texas, to Buy England and 
damned if you were not correct.  They tripled the purchase price.  When the Cash 
arrives to my secret bank account in Andorra I will contact you from my new home 
in Mallorca, and buy a ship load of good single malt Whisky and we can all go 
hang out and harass Jim Kash in Madrid on the weekends. :>)


Tom Wiggins

Musical content  "Were in the Money Now"

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