[Dixielandjazz] A little diplomacy please

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Wed Sep 10 15:11:22 PDT 2003

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> When I read Tom Wiggins' remark:
> >"Many countries that we play in are at least thirty years behind the
> USA in
> >culture, 
> I wondered about what he was trying to say, as the general feeling in
> Europe is that one of the things lacking in the U.S. is culture.  
Hi Jim:

Again I was trying to make a point that those countries have embraced the 
cultural contributions from America in the form of Jazz music since the 1920s and 
continue to appreciate it and enjoy it much more than the pop culture that we 
are mass producing today.

When I speak of Culture on this list I am Always speaking strictly about 
Music, I though everyone knew that by now, guess not.


Tom Wiggins

Looks like I have mis -spoke meself again, or perhaps my friends may have mis 
-heard me again.  :)

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