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> >Culture comes in many different guises, one size does not fit all. Does
> Tom
> >really think that a nation without similar social structures, behavioral
> >patterns, artistic leanings and economic wherewithal to those existing in
> >USA is culturally
> >lacking? I hope not.
> Yes, unfortunate remarks like this are too common from we Americans.

  What > Tom is referring to, I believe, is cheesy pop culture which thrives 
> in the
> moronic mind set that is prevalent here. To someone not in this country, it
> is far worse than you could imagine.
> The best thing to do is to start rejecting American movies, television
> shows. And pop recordings. These three ingredients now fuel much of the
> American economy.  Those involved in this garbage know that they can sell it
> not only to the US but to Europe and the rest of the world as well.  They
> can't lose.
> Don't buy any American pop culture.
> Jim Beebe

Yes indeed Jim,

 That is more what I meant, and somehow did not get it clear in my post, 
thanks for the interpretation for apparently my now former Brit friends who 
quickly took umbrage to my comments.

Certainly everything American is not good and certainly not good Cultural 
influence, or to be admired by any society.  I did not say that nor did I in my 
opinion imply it, perhaps my transatlantic cousins just got a bit too much 
lemon in their tea this morning.


Tom Wiggins

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