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> I think you may be missing something in regard to New Orleans musicians in 
> general, not just the trumpeters. The Jazz Museum there holds many musicians' 
> business cards. Hardly any of them mention jazz: most refer to "music for 
> all occasions". Buddy Bolden might have been said to have been at the cutting 
> edge stylistically back then, yet he is known to have played for church 
> parties and confirmations. Music for all occasions.

 As a frequent visitor to New Orleans I have seen and heard Nicholas Payton 
on many 
> occasions, playing how he feels and how he perceives his audience. 

Hi Brian:

Not at all:  In my opinion,  New Orleans music is 

And I would enter a caveat about Louis Armstrong. Sure, he is known all over 
the world, but not as a trumpet player. Only recently I heard someone exclaim 
that they never knew he played an instrument, they thought he was "just" a 
Brian Wood 

I would then venture to comment then that that perhaps that person is a 
newcomer to the world of OKOM and Jazz in general, I have never been anywhere in 
the World that I have not encountered people who knew of Louis Armstrong and 
that he was a Trumpet player, not to mention the Ambassador of Jazz to the world.

Figuratively speaking of course, you should be able to look up Jazz in the 
dictionary in any country and see a photo of Louis Armstrong & a Trumpet, I was 
surprised when I attended my first Louis personal appearance to learn he could 
also sing.  But that was a long time ago now.


Tom Wiggins

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