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    I read "Trumpet Blues" last year. Hard to believe another mortal could have played as long and as well Herr James did! I just finished the Nelson Riddle biography by the same author as the James book. A sad commentary.


  Yo, Jimmo -- Guess I'll have to find somebody to borrow the Nelson Riddle from. My book library consists of all borrowed books. Wonder why nobody will loan me a book any more.

  Incidentally, Mel Torme's books "It Wasn't All Velvet" and the one about Buddy Rich are must read. In "Velvet" he mentions Ernie Royal's teeth showing when he played super high notes. I saw that in Seattle in Lionel Hampton's first band about 1939. I was standing right under him (he was up on the bandstand right above me). I couldn't believe my eyes -- his teeth were plainly visible on the left side of the mouthpiece (couldn't see the right side). Infriggingcredible! Nobody would believe me. Mel Torme finally validated my observation. Now I can RIP.

  New Subject -- Please let me know if and when the CD arrives, and if it plays OK for you. You'll notice that "I Surrender Dear" plays twice on the "Relaxing" tracks. I don't know how that happened -- it's on Trax 10 and 20, I think. It's pretty anyway.

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