[Dixielandjazz] you tell me your dreams

Luis Daniel Flores luda at arnet.com.ar
Wed Sep 10 09:39:59 PDT 2003

Since a few list member have answer my request for this sheet music and seem
to like this song, I want to share with you my little investigation about
it. This is so,too, because I find this list talk too much about OKOM after
Chicago, and I prefer the so called New Orleans music.
YOU TELL ME YOUR DREAMS (and I tell you mine):
It was composed by Charles Neil Daniel or Neil Moret (pseudonym) in 1908. He
also composed Chloe, among others songs. He was born in Kansas 1878 and Died
in 1948.
I do have the following versions:
-Atlantic new Orleans JB with J. Robinson time:3:47
-Chris Barber, time 5:04
-The Melody Inn quartet, in de CD: Dance hall days, time 4:07
-Lionel Ferbos with Lars Edegras, time 3:21
 I love both version of Ferbos....of this Very sweet song, really OKOM

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