[Dixielandjazz] A little diplomacy please

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Wed Sep 10 08:14:37 PDT 2003

Tom Wiggins wrote

> "Many countries that we play in are at least thirty years behind the USA in
> culture, while it is true that we are often the trend setters of the world,
> we must also understand that we change every six months because of our great
> media power and advertising marketplace."

> To which John Farrell replied
> This kind of attitude is largely responsible for the widespread perception
> that Americans are an arrogant bunch of braggarts. I have many American
> friends and therefore know it to be fiction, but after reading a comment
> like that people who do not know any of our transatlantic cousins personally
> might be inclined to believe it.
> John,
it is a good job I read your  `diplomacy` note first, I would have jumped in 
much harder in the face of such arrogance.
I too have American friends and certainly they are not so overweaning in 
person as they tend to be en masse but there is nevertheless an underlying 
assumption of superiority which sticks in ones craw.
No doubt like other adolescents they will improve when they grow up and begin 
to realise that other opinions and stances have an equal validity.
What really makes me mad is that they do not recognise the basic fact that 
one Englishman is worth three of any other country, and six in the case of the 


Pat :-)

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