[Dixielandjazz] Relationships to Garber band

Richard Broadie richard.broadie at gte.net
Mon Sep 8 11:37:56 PDT 2003

I have a brother named Steve (1937-   )  that wasn't born in time for the
Garber gig.  The great Jim Beebe and I have one thing in common.  Neither of
us have sufficient knowledge to claim relationships to our djml cited
namesakes.  Other than my brother, I'd not heard of another Steve Broadie.
Steve Brodie, jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, but that's another story.
Could be that he landed on his head too hard, added an "a" to his last name
and joined Jan Garber's band.

I find it interesting that Steve Broadie played with Garber at a time that
my late parents undoubtedly danced to the band.  Wonder if my folks knew
there was another Broadie in the house.  There aren't that many of us around
with this spelling.

Dick Broadie
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> Dear Ron,
> Drummer George Beebe was with Jan Garber for about a year (1928-1929).
> A pity to note that our mate Jim cannot claim lineage.
> George Beebe replaced Garber's long-time drummer, Steve Broadie
> I wonder if Steve Broadie is any relation to our other list-mate Dick
> Kind regards,
> Bill.
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