[Dixielandjazz] Cell Block Seven and Tommy Loy recallections

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Bill - et al:
I think I mentioned to someone some time back that I had heard the original
Cell Block 7 in the '50's -- about  '55 I think, when I was with the Ted
Weems Orch.. We played opposite of them at some trade or home show with them
playing the alternate hours between our sets. Tommy and I had discussed this
in 1973 when we again played opposite sets at the Bix fest in Davenport - he
with the North Dallas Jazz Band and me with the Jack Pine Savages. Tommy and
I had a good discussion as well about trumpets and cornets we had played and
liked of disliked  over time.
I recall that the '55 Cell Block 7 wore striped jail uniforms and wore
plastic ball and chain gizmos on their legs. Weems band wore gray wool
worsted tux coats that were hotter than Hades in the less-than great air
conditioning of the big hall, and were generally soaked by day's end.
Ah...Tejas -- thy sun beateth down like a preview of hell. It may not have
been hell, but we got a real close up look at it in those gray coffin
Some one will have to tell me how the band became relocated to Sacramento
from Dallas. Bill?
Wish I had had the chance to spend more time with Tommy, but I recall well
the time I did spend with him as he was a memorable fellow, indeed. Glad I
had the chance to call and talk with him before he passed. Envy Rebecca and
others who got the chance to know him so much better, as he was one
interesting guy and a good player.
Don Ingle
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> Hi all,
> Joe Hopkins writes (re: Cell Block 7):
> >I was in this band in 1961 (after Tommy [Loy]) and it was let by Rusty
> >Brown who
> >passed away about 3 or 4 years ago.
> Joe could have also mentioned that he has played with the current version
> the Cell Block 7 at both the Monterey jazz festival and the Sacramento
> jubilee. Sort of like returning home.
> You all probably know that Tommy Loy traveled to the Edinburgh Jazz
> in Scotland with the Cell Block 7 last year (shortly before he passed
> Cheers,
> Bill Gunter
> Cell Block 7 jazz band
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