[Dixielandjazz] Who is that masked child?

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Dear YOUNG Tom,

You snipped Audrey's post and in so doing cut the clue she gave.

"Christy Brothers Circus showed here Sept. 5 with a good outfit and a good
band. A feature to me of the whole show was Master James, 13-year-old son
of the director. This boy played first chair trumpet with ease and

Now, I wasn't around in 1929 either nor 1939 come to that, but the mention
of "Circus" and "James" is a dead give-away. It just has to be Harry Haag*
James. The middle name I believe being given to him as a result of his
Dad's time with another circus outfit, possibly the one he was with when
his son was born.

*Some references give Hagg

Jimmy Dorsey was a good guess but by '29 he was already a pro of 25 working
with the likes of Red Nichols, Venuti & Lang (on trumpet) et al.

File under : Useless information #47J


Old John ;-))
        Suffolk, England.
  You Play It - I'll Mix It

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> > Audrey Van Dyke
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> Well, Audrey my dear, you may be wrong here. Some of us are just not old
> enough to know anyone back that far that was 13 years old in 1929.
> I will venture an uneducated guess that it was Jimmy Dorsey, or possibly
> Harry James, just off the cuff without doing a Internet search.  Those
are the two
> James associations that I would make without looking them up.
> Cheers,
> and I thought I was OLD, Tom Wiggins

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