[Dixielandjazz] Celebrity thread

Mike Durham mikedurham_jazz at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 30 01:14:11 PST 2003

There's a movie clip of Bing playing drums (actually, drumming on all the 
instruments, counter-tops, cabinets etc. in a pawnshop) and he is pretty hot 

Mike D.

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>Surprisingly, no one has mentioned George Segal, actor and sometimes banjo 
>player with credits in the Beverly Hills Unlisted Jazz Band. On the more 
>obscure side, I seem to recall that Phyllis Diller once played flute with 
>Henry Mancini on a tv show and that Bing Crosby may have had a go att he 
>drums a few times.
>Steve Holzer
>Dave Hanson wrote:
>>Woody Allen has been mentioned  here on the DJML for  playing 
>>clarinet(actor, producer, director, comedy writer, Academy Award winner) 
>>Anyway it brings back some memories about some other celebrities that I 
>>recall playing instruments as well as other activities.. A few that come 
>>to mind are Maury Wills (banjo, baseball player), George Segal (banjo, 
>>actor, Academy award winner),Dudley Moore (jazz pianist, comedian, movie 
>>credits?),Hal Linden (clarinet, actor, TV sitcom). Jack Sheldon ( trumpet, 
>>actor, comic, TV personality) Ozzie Nelson( big band leader, TV star), 
>>Kevin Bacon (rocker, actor), Harry Connick( actor, pianist, singer, song 
>>writer) who could forget Steve Allen ? ! I'm sure there are many more, but 
>>I find the thread interesting.
>>Perhaps we can think of others.......
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