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Interesting that the first theme is very similar  (nearly identical) to 
"Take Your Pick", a banjo speciality. I wonder which came first?


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>Dear Dave,
>We discussed the subject of "Buddy's Habit(s)" on the list late March-early
>April this year and in Dec 2000.
>It seems that it was most likely Nelson's tune, but that Charlie Straight
>helped him get it published, at which time straight's name was added.
>One on my Dec 2000 replies is included below for your info.
>Kind regards,
>Dear Ivan,
>"Buddy's Habits" (Charley Straight- Arnett Nelson) was first recorded by
>Charley Straight's Orch in June 1923 then by:
>King Oliver's Jazz Band - 25 Oct 1923 as "Buddy's Habit". (Arnett
>The Midway Dance Orch - 5 Dec 1923. (Straight-Nelson)
>The Bucktown Five [with Muggsy Spanier] - 25 Feb 1925. (Straight-Nelson)
>Red Nichols & His  5 Pennies - 20 Dec 1926. (Straight-Nelson)
>The generally accepted story is that when cltist Arnett Nelson played in
>Jimmy Wade's Orch at the Moulin Rouge Cafe (Wabash Ave, Chicago) the
>tuba/bass sax player, Louis 'Buddy' Gross, was a great beer drinker. His
>HABIT at the end of each set was to rush off the stand to relieve
>Louis 'Buddy' Gross recorded with Wade's Moulin Rouge Orchestra in Dec
>1923 and Feb 1924 (I have these)
>There is a photograph of them in the 'Pictorial History of Jazz' on page
>37. Gross in on the far right.
>Your simple question raises another question. Under what title was the
>tune copyrighted?
>"Buddy's Habit" or "Buddy's Habits"?
>Our dear Audrey Van Dyke is needed again.
>Audrey, do you have a copy of the sheet music?
>Are there any words? There are none on the records indicated above (I
>have them all).
>The date for the composition is presumably early-mid 1923.
>Ivan. Why did you ask if it was a piano rag?
>Kind regards,
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