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Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Sun Nov 30 10:21:32 PST 2003

Dear Dave,
We discussed the subject of "Buddy's Habit(s)" on the list late March-early
April this year and in Dec 2000.
It seems that it was most likely Nelson's tune, but that Charlie Straight
helped him get it published, at which time straight's name was added.
One on my Dec 2000 replies is included below for your info.
Kind regards,

Dear Ivan,
"Buddy's Habits" (Charley Straight- Arnett Nelson) was first recorded by
Charley Straight's Orch in June 1923 then by:
King Oliver's Jazz Band - 25 Oct 1923 as "Buddy's Habit". (Arnett
The Midway Dance Orch - 5 Dec 1923. (Straight-Nelson)
The Bucktown Five [with Muggsy Spanier] - 25 Feb 1925. (Straight-Nelson)
Red Nichols & His  5 Pennies - 20 Dec 1926. (Straight-Nelson)
The generally accepted story is that when cltist Arnett Nelson played in
Jimmy Wade's Orch at the Moulin Rouge Cafe (Wabash Ave, Chicago) the
tuba/bass sax player, Louis 'Buddy' Gross, was a great beer drinker. His
HABIT at the end of each set was to rush off the stand to relieve
Louis 'Buddy' Gross recorded with Wade's Moulin Rouge Orchestra in Dec
1923 and Feb 1924 (I have these)
There is a photograph of them in the 'Pictorial History of Jazz' on page
37. Gross in on the far right.

Your simple question raises another question. Under what title was the
tune copyrighted? 
"Buddy's Habit" or "Buddy's Habits"?
Our dear Audrey Van Dyke is needed again.
Audrey, do you have a copy of the sheet music?
Are there any words? There are none on the records indicated above (I
have them all).
The date for the composition is presumably early-mid 1923.
Ivan. Why did you ask if it was a piano rag?
Kind regards,

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