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Sat Nov 29 10:47:01 PST 2003

Tom, what you say is true, but in all fairness to Woody, he has never 
claimed to be a great musician, in fact he usually puts himself down about 
his musical abilities. And whatever else, he has a sincere love for New 
Orleans jazz (or at least his particular conception of it) and has kept a 
lot of guys working for a lot of years.

Mike D.

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>Me thinks it does not matter two diddley's and a damn whether or not Woody
>Allen can play the clarinet or not, nor any better or worse than anybody 
>He is a celebrity and will attract an audience to pay fifty dollars to see
>him go to the bathroom if nothing else.
>He could also no doubt draw a tremendous paid attendance crowd to his 
>from the mere fact that he is a celebrity.
>None of it makes him a good clarinet player, he is a widely recognized 
>and comedian who has proven he can even can attract a following to a court
>Steven Segal who was a famous movie star in the 70's is also a decent Bass
>Guitar player, but who knows it? almost nobody, but you can put his name up 
>lights outside any live music club in Los Angeles or Hollywood and he will 
>a crowd of folks willing to pay to get close enough to him to say they were
>actually in the same room with him.
>William Shatner makes singing commercials for priceline dot com, does that
>make him a good singer?  He also gets paid far more to do so than many 
>professional singers can make in a year.  He could not carry a tune in a
>bucket with a lid on it.
>Woody Allen the clarinet player and Woody Allen the celebrity who can get
>adoring applause just for walking onto the stage or into the room from 
>fans or just plain star stuck folks, is a far cry from being reviewed as a
>serious artist and musician of historical magnitude or importance, at least 
>in my
>I could probably get the same attention by doing brain transplants on my 
>off. :))
>Like Woody really needs the gig huh?  Or is it he just wants to work to 
>the fellas in the band working?  Could they command the same cover charge 
>Woody called in sick or had to take a leave of absence to do a movie?  Me
>thinks not.
>Doubting Thomas Wiggins
>Same goes for may other celebrities.
>Tom Wiggins
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