FW: [Dixielandjazz] Popular Music is Changing

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Fri Nov 28 22:55:49 PST 2003

Nancy wrote:

Thanks, Steve,
I do hope popular music will swing back towards melody. To me, rap music
its emphasis on rhythm is not so much art as it is a math lesson in

And, I will comment......

It's not just rap that is rhythm based, rather than melody based.  It
is, in general, all the music that is "happening" now.  I prepare the
music for a producer that puts on 400 modelling shows a year in my
studio.  That is, I take the popular music he chooses (he's a dancer &
choreographer), and cut the songs in little bits, overlapping/blending,
etc., into one long piece of music for the shows he does.  It is
all......save for the odd ballad......rhythm based.  That's the way
things are going, and I see little sign of change.  It's not all bad, by
the way.....but, there is very little melody involved.  

A few years ago, I assembled & mastered a series of 22 CD's of
Contemporary music.  I craved for the odd few bars of melody, and
occasional was treated to such (not often, though!).  Now, I crave for
the odd bit of melody, and savour the little bit I get with the pop

It's just the world we are living in now, and the odd melody, the odd
smile, the odd bit of pleasantness must be enjoyed to its fullest.  No
sense in sweating about the rest.

Nancy wrote "Forgive me for having thought too deeply about this".......
Well, Nancy, I just went a bit deeper!!    :>



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