[Dixielandjazz] Who was Mabel?

John Farrell stridepiano at tesco.net
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Mike Dunn offers a few suggestions as to the identity of Mabel, but I
suspect that it was the lady who worked with Wilfred Pickles on his radio
show "Have A Go". Near the end of each broadcast Wilfred awarded a  prize to
a winning quiz contestant and would ask, "What's on the table, Mabel?" -
invariably it was something daft like a pair of kippers and a bag of conkers
(for the benefit of Yank listmates conkers = buckeyes).

I believe that Violet Carson of Coronation Street fame was the pianist on
the programme. Put that little snippet in your book Mr. Haesler.

John Farrell

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> On the other hand, there is a small town on the west coast of Scotland
> Ayr) called Maybole. Legend has it that Ike Smith, a keen golfer, played a
> round (or possibly played around) there in 1912. So could this be the true
> origin? Not of course to be confused with Fussy Maybole, a tune Jelly Roll
> wrote about the place on his famous U.K tour of 1918...... he recorded it
> for Victor in 1930, but someone misread the recording card and it came out
> as Fussy Mabel on the label (or laybole, as the Scots pronounce it).
> Yours with tongue in cheek,
> Mike.
> ps for Mabologists, there are also tunes called Mabel (Django Reinhardt,
> 1937) and Mabel, Open Your Door (Sam Manning's Cole Jazz Orchestra, 1925)

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