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> Example: If someone had never heard Pee Wee Russell and Jimmy Hamilton and 
> was then
> exposed to their playing in a blindfold test, my guess is that they would be 
> misidentified
> almost every time. Tom Wiggins, I bet this one would get you. The trick is 
> to find lesser
> known players that the listening expert has not heard before.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone

Probably so, Steve, I would never be so brazen to say that I could pass that 
same test, and certainly not every time.  Probably could not, especially with 
lesser known players that I had not become mentally accustomed to.  I was of 
course speaking generically, and should have been a bit more specific in my 
statement and limited it to Blues as opposed to music in general, which could get 
me in trouble again.

But like I said in a follow up post, depends a lot on who you are comparing 
and the style of music.

Kind of like comparing a blindfold test of a Black Opera Star and an Italian 
one.  Because of the tough and rigid training they both must endure to reach 
Diva status, but the accent and voicing in their delivery gives my ears the 
clue, or perhaps it just hits a nerve in my inner ear that only gets tickled by 
that sound.  Hell I can't explain it.


There are still only two kinds of music.  GOOD and Bad.  And no shortage of 

Tom Wiggins

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