[Dixielandjazz] Cornet Education for Bill Biffle

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Sun Nov 16 11:04:29 PST 2003

Dare a non-player post an opinion? Why not?

 One thing that can not be denied about the origins of jazz, is the major 
input made by New Orleans Creole musicians as well as Italian Americans. All this 
stuff about jazz being born out of African rhythms, slave songs, negro 
srituals etc. was just a load of misinformation foisted on the public during the 
"Trad Revival" of the 1950s and 1960s. I think a lot of that stuff created a 
backlash from the boppers and others that is detrimental to OKOM to this very day. 
One might do well to read Sudhalter's book to get a proper perspective on the 
contribution of non-blacks.

Having said that, one can only cheer those black players who do make an 
effort to remember the roots of jazz and to incorporate them in their playing. I 
spoke at length on this subject to Milt Hinton just before he died, and he 
expressed his sadness that there were so few blacks playing the early forms of jazz.

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Authentic History proves that it started down in New Orleans with guys Like 
Jelly Roll Morton and King Oliver, Buddy Bolden and many others that never 
saw a line of print.

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