[Dixielandjazz] Re: Bill Haesler

Nancy Giffin nancyink at ulink.net
Sat Nov 15 00:41:51 PST 2003

Phil wrote about Bill Haesler:
<<... I rang Bill today and he is still having trouble with his new Apple.
He has not been able to receive e-mail for three weeks today...>>

Phil, me dear,

I was just thinking about Bill and how much I miss his presence on the list.
If he is having trouble with his iMac, then perhaps those of us with Macs
can help him troubleshoot. Does Anton have a Mac? I know Barbone does, and
Augustine?, along with several others who could offer tech support.

His ISP should be very able and willing to walk him through the various
preferences he needs to set, plus give him the "Name server address" (a
number like required for the "Remote Access" application
(along with the proper "Search domains" info, like "nsw.bigpond.net.au" in
his case). I'm guessing he'd need to configure it to "Using PPP server" in
that same window.

Since you and Anton can both ring him, perhaps we can coordinate something
so his DJML list mates can assist in rounding up and bringing back our
little lost sheepie. 8>)   (That's Bill's trademark smilie.)  Please give
him my regards.

BTW: Did any of you Aussies mention Bob Barnard's name to Bill Biffle?

Love and hugs,

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