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Who else should I be listening to?
You will find that just about everybody has an opinion, that is why they are 
the worlds' cheapest commodity. With that in mind, I will offer my favorite 
players to add to the list:

1) Al Hirt: probably one of the greatest pure trumpet players in history.  I 
thank God he loved to play Dixieland.  He was simply the best ever...no one 
else has ever come close.

2) Warren Vache: a tremendous technician with great passion.

3) Jeremy Davenport: new kid on the block...doesn't really play Dixieland, 
but plays in a traditional jazz style.

4) JB Scott: played with Dukes of Dixieland on "Hearing is Believing"...a 
wonderful player.

Everybody else has listed the "typical" responses that one would expect from 
this posting.  I hope that I have added some new blood to the list.

PS..don't disregard Hirt.  Listen to "Live at the Mardi Gras" for some of the 
best examples of why he was in a class of his own.

There you have it,
Lewis D. Custode, Jr., CLU, ChFC
Bourbon Street Brass
Buffalo, NY

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