[Dixielandjazz] trumpet player's education

Bill Biffle bbiffle at swcp.com
Fri Nov 14 09:49:29 PST 2003

> It was Jelly Roll MOrton who said "Always keeps the melody going
> in his Library of Congress recordings.
> Burt Wilson

This is a general "musicality' comment that I've made to singers for years.
A note - or a musical line - can't ever be static.  Music has to have
movement, shape, trajectory, and a destination - a beginning and an end, if
you will.  I tell singers that singing that doesn't move is not music, it's
just sound.

BTW, I found a Bobby Hackett CD that I'd forgotten I have (actually, I did a
search on my IPOD and found him there).  It's a thing called, "We Dig
Dixieland Music".  Not very artfully packaged - misspellings in the jacket
notes, etc.  Might even be a pirated CD, although I paid real money for it.
Anyhow, I love his tone.  In fact, of the OKOM tpters I have, I like his
sound best - and he plays lots of right notes, too!  :-)}

Also found one Dukes Of Dixieland tune (Hold That Tiger) and the tpt
player - Assunto? - sounds a lot - on this one hearing - like Roy Eldridge.
Lots of fire in his sound.  Agree or disagree?

Bill Biffle
Albuquerque, NM

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