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Fri Nov 14 10:36:10 PST 2003

Bill, another piece of advice that has served me well over the years as a 
trumpet player is 'always keep the melody going somewhere'. It's so long ago 
I read or heard this, that I have forgotten who said it (probably Jelly Roll 
Morton). Doesn't mean just play the tune, but it does mean that the trumpet 
as lead intrument has to keep in touch with the melody, otherwise it makes 
life very difficult for clarinet and trombone to provide counterpoint and 
harmony. Also, the presence of melody (along with a danceable rhythm) is 
what distinguishes OKOM from later jazz styles. Just a thought.....

Mike D.

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>One of the wonders of life is that advice can be had - for free - in this
>forum from such talented and experienced players as Bob Ringwald and Jim
>Beebe.   Thanks to you both!
>Bob, a very good player told me once that, while improvising, one should 
>to "express a thought.  Complete it if you can.  Then give your audience
>time to reflect on it." Excellent advice, it seems to me, on how to play
>fewer notes that mean more.  (with my technical skills - or lack thereof -
>this is especially welcome help!  :-)})
>For the record, of the players I mentioned - leaving Armstrong aside cuz
>he's in a class by himself - Ruby Braff is my current favorite.  One of the
>most musical players I know.
>I remember Bobby Hackett from the Gleason recordings in the 50s.  I loved
>them in high school and found them invaluable when impressing a girl with 
>sophistication!  I'm looking forward to hearing him play more jazz.  Come
>on, UPS!
>Thanks, again, for all the wonderful help.
>Bill Biffle, Leader & Trumpet
>The Duke City Jazz Band
>Albuquerque, NM USA
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> > Wrote:
> >
> > > Consensus is to listen to more Bobby Hackett.  I've ordered some CDs
> > now from Worlds Records.
> >
> > (Snip)
> >
> >
> > Hackett was a wonderful player, a one of a kind.
> >
> > When listening to him, notice that he plays a lot of notes.  Most tpt
> > players who do this end up playing garbage--Better to leave holes like
> > Louis.
> >
> > However, Hackett had such a command of chords & chord patterns & had 
> > exquisite taste, that he can pull it off, & pull it off beautifully.
> >
> > In your playing, don't try to fill up all the spaces.  Sometimes the 
> > you don't play are just as important s the ones you do.  This is
> > true when playing in an ensemble situation such as a Dixieland front 
> > Too many tpt players don't leave any space for the tbn & cl to play.
> >
> > Just my opinion.
> >
> > --Bob
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