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> Great to see all the Medical Doctors playing jazz in bands. I hope there
> aren't too many jazz musicians playing Doctor in hospitals around the
> world.  ;-) VBG
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
Some of the Doctor Bands and musicians I have encountered played very 
clinically,and couldn't swing from a rope. :)   But then again I don't do too well at 
Brain Surgery either, :)
Tried it once, at St. James Infirmary, The operation was a terrific success, 
alas, but the patient died.  Buried him on the lone prairie.  Doo Be Doo Be 
Doo.  :)

Wonder if the good Doctor Bands have found a way to Bill Medicare for their 
professional Fees for playing music on the weekends, since they certainly can't 
make a living playing Dixieland at the fees most Dixieland Bands claim to 

Next time I get a call from a Dentist, to play a gig for him, I am going to 
ask him if he can bill my insurance company for my fees which will be enough to 
cover several Root Canals.  8>)


Doctor:  Tom -Bob
amateaur gynecologist, professional drummer, flunked out of music school.
Free Breast Exams everyday  ( Ladies Only Please )
Now where did I put that stethoscope?  

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