[Dixielandjazz] Doctor Jazz

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Wed Nov 12 10:42:52 PST 2003

Founder and leader of the Barfota (Barefoot) Jazz Band in Sweden is the 
eminent cardiologist Claes Ringqvist He plays cornet and is also President of the 
Swedish Bunk Johnson Society. Mouldy fig? No! He once wrote to me about some 
arcane reference to Bunk and finished off by saying that he'd just bought the 
complete set of Miles Davis at the Plugged Nickel. He also unilaterally renamed 
his hospital in Sundsvaal the Bunk Johnson Memorial Hospital. When the 
administrators queried this he explained that letters from all over the world proved 
that more people had heard of Willie "Bunk" Johnson than knew about Sundsvaal 
Brian Wood

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