[Dixielandjazz] Re: Bill Cole

AAngusallan at aol.com AAngusallan at aol.com
Tue Nov 11 17:13:22 PST 2003

Hi, John.  Many thanks for the e-mail.  Sorry to hears Bill's in poor health. 
 He was a real card.  Sometimes he'd play bass with us (The Dave Mills Jazz 
Band) down in Southend, with Uncle John Renshaw taking over the banjo chair and 
making a right mess of it.  I used to ferry the pair of them back to London.  
I remember Uncle John demanding that I stop alongside some very middle class 
front gardens around Ilford "because I wish to do pigs, dear boy".  That is, 
have a piss in their flower beds.  While he was doing this, Bill Cole turned 
cartwheels backwards and forwards across the main road, which was reasonably 
full of traffic, even at that late hour!  What a pair of ravers!
Yes, Dick Tattam was with Duggie Richford - he and I were in the Bob Haas 
Georgia Jazz Band together.  A great mate.  Unfortunately I heard about an hour 
ago from Melbourne that he died of a heart condition ten years back.  All the 
best - Angus.

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